Arm Rest Adjustment AL 10-000051

This functional fitting is designed to be mounted in conjunction with standup fittings. Due to the comfort turning-function and the hight adjustment of the upper segment the fitting allows a particularly good adaptation to the desired sitting relax-position. By raising up the arm-rest can be used as head-rest and changes the sofa to a „lounger“.


  • Upright upable
  • 10 gear steps + release step
  • Hight adjustment about 140 mm
  • Turning function of the arm-rest connection

Technological benefits

  • Stabil, high loading capacity minimum 30 kg
  • Noiseless and maintenance-free


  • Zinc-coated and/or powder-coated
  • Visible parts stainless steel, grinded
  • Axial distance 250 mm

Appliances and concept-presupposition

  • Suitable for lean backs
  • Thickness of the arm rest frame minimum 80 mm